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Q. What shoes do I wear?

 A. If a lady normally wears heels during the day please 

wear them for dancing in and vice versa for flat shoes.


Gents a comfy pair of outdoor shoes is fine. (You will

 not need steel toe caps!) 


 Please do not wear trainers or open backed shoes (ie

flip flops or sling backs).



Q. I have never danced before does that



 A. It is a beginners classes designed for ABSOLUTE

 BEGINNERS, we assume that no-one in the room

 has danced before, and if they have we ask them to

 be considerate to others as it is a beginners class.



Q. I have two left feet does it matter?

 A. Dancing is not just a matter of learning new steps or

knowing your left from your right, it's about having fun.  In our classes we aim to put the beginner at ease and having fun is one way to learn to dance with little effort.  Left and right feet become a thing of the past when first learning. The very step you take is walking through the door, the rest is easy!



Q. I can dance but my partner has never

 danced before does it matter?

 A. As detailed above it is a beginners class and therefore

dances are taught at beginners level. If you have danced before it never does any harm to go over the steps again. The steps that are taught by different teachers, are sometimes very different and are explained in completely different ways. We are constantly trying to find easier ways for people to learn.



Q. Which dances will I learn in a Ballroom

 Latin class?

 A. In the Ballroom section you will learn - Waltz,

Quickstep, Tango and Social Foxtrot. In the Latin you

will learn - Rumba & Cha Cha Cha. They are all easy steps!



Q. What is the difference between Jive 

 and 'Rock 'n' Roll'?

 A. Think of Jive as being an umbrella name for all forms of Jive from 'Rock 'n' Roll' to the 'Lindy Hop' - 'Ballroom Jive' to the 'East Coast Swing'. They are different rhythms with more often than not the same moves. In our Jive classes we teach a rock 'n' roll jive.  It is a nice steady repetitive rhythm

 allowing the ladies to perform the first 3 turn patterns whilst the man gets use to his steps, his rhythm and his lead and then we might let him turn!!!!!



Q. I don't have a partner can I still come to


 A. In Ballroom/Latin and Jive classes we cannot 

provide partners - we wish we could, but we can't.


If you cannot find a partner and still wish to do some dance

related exercise, you could always come along to one of our FitSteps classes. 


Please remember that teachers are at a class to teach and help when needed, they are not instant partners.


Q. What is FitSteps®



 The new dance fitness phenomenon that came to life in 2013 as the result of a collaboration between two of the UK’s most famous ballroom dancers and Britain’s most successful swimmer!


We started FitSteps in September 2013 with a class on

Monday evenings at 5.45pm - we now run several through the week.  For details of more classes please look under the FitSteps section.



Q. Do I need to book?

 A. It is advisable to book for dance classes starting in

January as we often have people waiting to join. 


All other times of the year it is not always necessary to book but quite often people like to contact us beforehand to ask questions and just to make sure they are okay to come.

If calling, please do so during the daytime if possible, or text on 


07766 077452 or e-mail: 



We hope the FAQs help but if we haven't listed your question above and you would like to contact us, please feel free to do so.


Gail Brocklesby Dance School 

In and around the beautiful town of Louth in Lincolnshire

Please text or leave a message 07766 077 452


You can contact us via our contact form.

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